All Things Vinod

Well, I simply can’t get over Vinod Khanna’s death and have been scouting the net for all things related to him. Finally, have decided to put them at one place. Just click on the links to be taken to that particular post.



In Tribute: Vinod Khanna (1946-2017) (@ Dusted Off)

Vinod Khanna: Masculinity So Adaptable (@Beth Loves Bollywood)

Thus Endeth Another Chapter (@ Converstaions Over Chai)

And I Wept for Vinod Khanna…. (@ Different Truths)

Vinod Khanna dies at 70 (@ Satyamshot)

Vinod Khanna: The Unshackled Superstar (@ Unboxed Writers)

RIP: Vinod Khanna – Heaven Must be full of Swagger Today

A Star, An Actor

Vinod Khanna: The Sly Charmer

Vinod Khanna conquered Hindi Cinema by just being there

Supremely Handsome and Talented (Twitter Tweets)

More Twitter Homage

Villain, Hero, Sanyasi, Politician, and Perennial Heartthrob

Villain Se Hero Tak

Vinod Khanna: An Actor with a Touch of Sadness

We’ll miss your dominating personality, magnetism

Tribute to Vinod Khanna by an Amitabh Bachchan Fan

Remembering Vinod Khanna: The Man who was bound to rock the Movies

The Benign Masculinity of Vinod Khanna, Bollywood’s Original Sex God

Vinod Khanna (1946-2017): Oh That Winsome Smile





Goodbye, Vinod!  (By Schoolmates)

Vinod Khanna was a restless sort of spirit. (Gulzar, Naseeruddin Shah, Aruna Raje)

Vinod Uncle makes me  want to be a better person (Director Sabbir Khan)

Vinod Khanna held our hands when we needed him…. (Pooja Bhatt)

When the Minister became a Bollywood Heartthrob again (Ambassador B.S. Prakash)

He never held a grudge (Saira Banu)

Achanak, Vinod ji left creating a void (Lily Chakraborty)

Regret not visiting Vinod Khanna… (Shabana Azmi)

Will remember him as a thorough gentleman (Zeenat Aman)

We met with Punjabi jhappis whenever we met.. (Kabir Bedi)

Vinod was my ‘Mere Apne’…. (Shatrughan Sinha and Others)



Vinod Khanna, a bar of soap, a saddle-free-horse…

Vinod Khanna at Rajneesh’s Oregon Commune

Vinod Khanna’s Star Turn Over the Years

Vinod Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and the Dostana that almost was





The Uncensored Vinod Khanna

It would be great to work with Amitabh

I Never Blew My own Trumpet




If you have written anything on VK or have come across an interesting article, please provide the link in the comments section, so that I can put the link in the list (and have my heart-felt gratitude). If you have written an article for which the link is provided above but you’d rather not have so, please let me know and I will remove the same.




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