Remembering Hemant Kumar

I wanted to write a well-researched post on the occasion of Hemant Da’s birth anniversary. Unfortunately, too many things are happening today and so this is going to be just about 11 of his songs that I love (and absolutely from the top of my head).



Ye Raat Ye Chandni Phir Kahan (Jaal, 1952)

How could Geeta Bali ever hope to resist?


Na Yeh Chand Hoga (Shart, 1954)

A lover’s plea for trust and understanding. He weeps…she sleeps.


Main Garibo Ka Dil Hoon (Aab-e-Hayat, 1955)

“Karvaan Zindgani ka rukta nahin,  Baadshahon ke aage mein jhukta nahin….”

Premanth, Hasrat Jaipuri, Sardar Malik, Hemant, and a lilting chorus create one of the most memorable songs.


Jaane Wo Kaise Log They (Pyaasa,1957)

The two songs of Rafi, picturised on Guru Dutt are more popular but Hemant’s voice esp as he sings “Humko Apna Saya Tak Aksar Bezaar Mila” brings out all the loneliness of a misfit in a materialistic world.


Yaad Aa Gayi Wo Nashili Nigahen (Manzil, 1960)

Absolutely intoxicating.


Insaaf Ki Dagar Pe Bachon Dikhayo Chal Ke (Ganga Jamna, 1961)

A lesson long forgotten… but the line “Jeevan Naya Milega, Antim Chita Mein Jal Ke” gives me the goosebumps.


Beqarar Karke Hume Yun Na Jaiye (Bees Saal Baad,1962)

Sheer romance.


Suraj Re Jalte Rehna (Harishchandra- Taramati, 1963)

“Likha Hai Ye Hi Tere Bhaag Mein,  Ki Tera Jeevan Rahe Aag Mein….”  Pradeep’s Paean to the Sun God and to all those who suffer for the welfare of others.


Ye Nayan Dare Dare (Kohra, 1964)

A beautiful song from the Indianised version of Rebecca.


Ya Dil Ki Suno (Anupama, 1966)

Manga Hua Tum kuchh de Na Saki, jo Tumne Diya Vo Sahne Do…. No beating about the bush.


Tum Pukar Lo (Khamoshi,1969)

Hemant’s voice conveys eternal yearning….



What are your favourite songs of Hemant? Do share.





6 thoughts on “Remembering Hemant Kumar

  1. Lovely. Several of those are my favourites, too, especially Tum pukaar lo, Beqaraar karke humein, Ya dil ki suno and Yeh nayan dare-dare.

    Here’s one, a Bengali song which I adore: Ei raat tomar amar, the tune of which you will recognize. It’s from Deep Jwele Jaai, the film of which Khamoshi was a copy.


  2. Thanks Madhulika for sharing this beautiful song. I thought that this would be the Bangla version of ‘Tumhi Pukaar Lo’ but it turned out to be ‘Nain dare dare.’Beautiful. Hemant da’s voice is mishri-ghuli-hui.


    1. Yes. Personally, I prefer this version of the tune better than Yeh nayan dare-dare, even though that song is a favourite of mine. Perhaps there’s something extra special about Hemant singing in Bangla. 😉


      1. Bangla is such a sweet language, isn’t it? I don’t know it but somehow it seems a very soft language to me and quite influenced by Sanskrit.It also reminds me of school days with group songs like “Ekla Chalo Re” and “Bande Mataram.”:)


        1. Yes, it’s a lovely language. I can understand it a little bit (my mother is half Bengali, though since she left Calcutta after getting married, she has forgotten most of her Bangla), but I’m nowhere fluent enough to be able to follow Bengali films without subtitles. Fortunately, old Bengali films are among the few regional language films which are easy to find with subtitles – even on Youtube. 🙂


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