Vinod Khanna sings 11 songs of Romance

As I was travelling, I could not post on Vinod Khanna’s b’day on 6th October, a day on which he would have turned 71. His son Sakshi, wrote an emotional post – imagining a letter penned by his father – which can be read here.

Here’s my belated b’day tribute to the star: 11 romantic duets. They are in no particular order except that the last one is my absolute favourite.

  1. Do Baaton Ki (Hum Tum aur Woh, 1971): VK’s first hit has him romancing a comely Bharati. Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar provide the vocals.



2. Suno Suno Ik Baat Kahoon (Memsaab, 1971). Lata and Rafi sing this melodious duet for Yogita Bali and VK.


3. Nainon Mein Darpan Hai: Music Maestro Bhupen Hazarika provides music for this romance on a bicycle from Aarop (1974).


4. Wada Karle Saajna (Haath Ki Safai, 1974).  According to director Prakash Mehra, VK, thought that this soft song sung by Rafi (in company of Lata) will not be popular as the boisterous Kishore numbers like Peene walon ko peene ka bahana chahiye and Hum Ko Mohabbat ho gayi hai tumse, picturised on the other hero of the film, Randhir Kapoor. Mehra assured him (and truly as it turned out) that this song will be the one remembered by people.


5. Chhodo Ye Nigahon ka Ishara: According to Vinod himself, he was wary of this romantic number he had to sing to a coy Vidya Sinha, in Raj N. Sippy’s thriller Inkaar (1977), since romance was hardly his forte (ahem!) but Sippy convinced him to run around trees and the result was this:


6. Chhodo Sanam Kahe ka Gham: Kalpana Iyer croons, Hema sweats, and Vinod fumbles in this club-dance number from Chetan Anand”s reincarnation drama Kudrat (1981).


7. Mere Pyar ki Awaaz pe Chali Aaana, says Vinod to a beautiful Neetu Singh in the swashbuckling Raaj Mahal (1982).


8. Saathiya Tu Mere Sapnon ka Meet Hai, sings Vinod to Reena Roy in Insaan (1982), one of the last movies that he did before moving bag and baggage to Rajneeshpuram in the US.


9. Sulgati Hain Aankhen: Both VK and Dimple seem to be having a bad-hair day in this sensuous number in his comeback superhit – People threw coins on the screen when VK appeared, recalled Madhu Bhandarkar –  Insaaf (1997).


10. Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jai (Jurm, 1990). In the host of mostly forgettable and virtually unmentionable movies that Vinod did after his return, this Mahesh Bhatt movie was an exception. The movie was an average grosser but this song continues to be in public memory or as Bhatt’s daughter Pooja puts it, “It is a song that has given many people hope as well made many more cry.”


11. And now if you are still with me, here’s my absolute favourite of VK’s duets. There is a certain angst in Vinod’s life and so I really wanted to hear him lip-synch Mukesh saab’s voice. Hence, I was delighted to discover this song from Hungama (1971), one of his early movies.  VK and Zeenat (who described him as “an achingly handsome actor”) are both very young, very raw, but very endearing in this song: Suraj Se Jo Kiran ka Naata.



Do you like this selection? Share the songs that you like.



2 thoughts on “Vinod Khanna sings 11 songs of Romance

  1. ““an achingly handsome actor”.

    So true! I agree completely. 🙂

    Of the songs you’ve picked, the ones I like most are Waada karle saajna, Nainon mein darpan and Jab koi bata bigad jaaye. Especially Nainon mein darpan.

    Here are a couple of others I like:

    Muskuraata hua gul khilaata hua mera yaar:

    And Chaand kya hai roop ka darpan. Terrible video quality, but I love this song!


    1. Yes, Zeenat really did hit the nail right on the head.:)

      I am so glad you also like Nainon mein darpan. I didn’t like it immediately but then grew fond of it. Love the way they go on and on on a cycle and Saira looks so beautiful in that simple saree.

      I also like “Muskurata hua’ (though I don’t think that is a duet). Thanks for sharing ‘Chand kya hai”. It is quite nice and I don’t think I had heard it before.


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