Premnath: 25 Years on…

  I can’t believe that 25 years have passed since Premnath sahab passed away into eternity. How time has marched on… I was a college girl at that time, excited about discovering so many new things, esp about books and authors. When the news flashed on Novemeber 3rd 1992 that Premnath was dead, it didn’t… Continue reading Premnath: 25 Years on…

Vinod Khanna sings 11 songs of Romance

As I was travelling, I could not post on Vinod Khanna’s b’day on 6th October, a day on which he would have turned 71. His son Sakshi, wrote an emotional post – imagining a letter penned by his father – which can be read¬†here. Here’s my belated b’day tribute to the star: 11 romantic duets.… Continue reading Vinod Khanna sings 11 songs of Romance

Mukesh Sings for Eleven Heroes

  Sometimes a singer becomes so identified with a particular actor that the songs that he sings for other heroes fade into the background.¬† Thus it is with Mukesh. People tend to remember the songs that he sang for Raj Kapoor but not so much the songs that were picturised on other heroes. Needless to… Continue reading Mukesh Sings for Eleven Heroes

When Silence Speaks: Vinod Khanna in Rakhwala

A. Subba Rao’s 1971 film Rakhwala has two of India’s handsomest and accomplished actors: Dharmendra and Vinod Khanna, a beautiful heroine: Leena Chandravarkar, and an old hand at villainy Madan Puri. It also has a story about past secrets, intrigue, murder, romance, and conflict. Unfortunately, the plotting is so shoddy with such glaring loopholes that… Continue reading When Silence Speaks: Vinod Khanna in Rakhwala