Premnath: 25 Years on…

  I can’t believe that 25 years have passed since Premnath sahab passed away into eternity. How time has marched on… I was a college girl at that time, excited about discovering so many new things, esp about books and authors. When the news flashed on Novemeber 3rd 1992 that Premnath was dead, it didn’t… Continue reading Premnath: 25 Years on…

Kshatriya: Tragedy and Farce

J.P. Dutta’s 1993 movie Kshatriya is set in his favourite desert state of Rajasthan and features the feuding families of Mirtagarh and Surjangarh. Mirtagarh is represented by its Maharaja Bhawani Singh (Sunil Dutt), his wife Maheshwari Devi (Rakhee) and younger brother and ex-Indian Army Major Jaswant Singh (Vinod Khanna). There is also his daughter Divya… Continue reading Kshatriya: Tragedy and Farce

Shammi-Vinod: Bhai-Bhai

While watching parts of Manmohan Desai’s Parvarish recently, I recalled a film that I had seen way back in Doordarsaurus days in which Shammi and Vinod had played Bhai Bhai. Having heard of how the two actors shared a warm relationship and that Shammi had been a real support to Vinod after the latter’s return… Continue reading Shammi-Vinod: Bhai-Bhai

Kuchh Jaane Ko Tyaar…: Chowkidar (1974)

In my search for anything and everything related to Vinod Khanna, I came across a mention of a movie called Chowkidar which had for its hero Sanjeev Kumar. Now I’ve watched Vinod act with a lot of actors, right from Som Dutt (does anybody remember him?) to Sanjay Dutt (incidentally, where is he nowadays?) but… Continue reading Kuchh Jaane Ko Tyaar…: Chowkidar (1974)

When Silence Speaks: Vinod Khanna in Rakhwala

A. Subba Rao’s 1971 film Rakhwala has two of India’s handsomest and accomplished actors: Dharmendra and Vinod Khanna, a beautiful heroine: Leena Chandravarkar, and an old hand at villainy Madan Puri. It also has a story about past secrets, intrigue, murder, romance, and conflict. Unfortunately, the plotting is so shoddy with such glaring loopholes that… Continue reading When Silence Speaks: Vinod Khanna in Rakhwala