Shammi-Vinod: Bhai-Bhai

While watching parts of Manmohan Desai’s Parvarish recently, I recalled a film that I had seen way back in Doordarsaurus days in which Shammi and Vinod had played Bhai Bhai. Having heard of how the two actors shared a warm relationship and that Shammi had been a real support to Vinod after the latter’s return… Continue reading Shammi-Vinod: Bhai-Bhai

Kuchh Jaane Ko Tyaar…: Chowkidar (1974)

In my search for anything and everything related to Vinod Khanna, I came across a mention of a movie called Chowkidar which had for its hero Sanjeev Kumar. Now I’ve watched Vinod act with a lot of actors, right from Som Dutt (does anybody remember him?) to Sanjay Dutt (incidentally, where is he nowadays?) but… Continue reading Kuchh Jaane Ko Tyaar…: Chowkidar (1974)